Sunday, November 05, 2006

Sophie's Choice, or Playing God to the Silkworms

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I did it. This morning I sent about 25% of our silkworm population on a one way trip to the compost heap. I feel bad, having nurtured them since birth and all, but lacked the space and I'm certain the food would have run out before they started cocooning.

Our thriving population of roughly 40 caterpillars will hopefully start spinning soon. As they reach they end of their larval stage they are eating and growing rapidly, especially now that I moved them out of the room in which the boys practice piano, trumpet, recorder and violin. (Guess how many sets of earplugs I have?) Apparently they favor quiet surroundings.

Yesterday six year-old Splinter dictated his science fair report to me while I typed. Since I did all the work on this project, I was feeling like a bit of a helicopter mom, but he clearly has an excellent understanding of his stated topic- the silkworm life cycle. Phew!

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