Sunday, November 12, 2006

What not to say at your 20th high school reunion

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In an effort to avoid foot-in-mouth moments, I asked Smartypants to help me come up with a list of things not to say at my high school reunion. He's got more tact than I guessed. Here are his suggestions:

You look like you gained a lot of weight.

Boy, you seem really old.

Wow, your hair is getting really gray.

What happened to all your hair?

Did you just fart?

I'm glad you're here because I wasn't sure you were still alive.

On a related note, upon hearing that one of our deceased classmates had been electrocuted, a junior high classmate asked the deceased's good friend without thinking, "Like, by accident? Or in prison?"

Not that I went to high school with a bunch of criminals-- there were only a few. Good thing one of my classmates is now a white-collar criminal defense attorney. And, hey, our crowd includes both a rocket scientist and a brain surgeon! And, uh, a noted mommyblogger who is on the blogroll over at the upscale Cookie magazine's Daysitter blog and Guy Kawaski's Ultimate Mommy Blog list. Yeah, I know, I can't even convince myself these are impressive credentials.

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JimMc said...

It's a good thing then that I generally avoid reunions. Otherwise I wouldn't have much to talk about with people ;)