Monday, December 25, 2006

Circle of Life

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The last time I tried to reference The Circle of Life was in a conversation with Smartypants when he was about three years-old. A neighbor's dog had died on the same day a friend of ours had a baby. A death, a birth...the circle of life...get it?

He looked at me with big somber eyes. "Do you mean Simba died, too?"

But with the silkworms, we saw it all. From the poppy seed-like eggs to the three-inch caterpillars to cocoons and then the mating moths and their tiny eggs. The circle of life.

If you'd like to try your hand at sericulture, check out the (note their link to my blog!) or Carolina Biological Supply, the company that sent me a gazillion more eggs than I ordered. It's a fun project, just don't let more than 15-20 eggs hatch at a time.

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