Thursday, December 28, 2006

Family Craft Night

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DH and the boys were gearing up to microwave some popcorn and watch a bit of Lord of the Rings when I buzzed into the kitchen and ruined their plans.

Guess what, guys? It's family craft night! I have an art project for us!

Much whining ensued.

Once I got DH to quiet down, though, I was able to convince the boys how much fun we'd have painting together. I bought each family member an eight-inch high letter to decorate in colors that complement my and DH's newish bedspread, so we can finally put something up on our walls.

It's the "good art must match the sofa" school of decorating along with a little influence from the, "we've lived here for nearly a decade, maybe we should make it look like our home" school of design.

We sat and painted happily for over 30 minutes--a welcome reminder of what life is like without homework. The whining didn't start up again until until the boys realized how much of their LOTR time they'd used up making art.

We are all pleased with the results. As a proud mama, I should mention that Splinter contributed greatly to my beautifully decorated K.

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