Friday, December 08, 2006

Hoorah for the Bra!

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Don't worry about TMI; No personal stories here. Hoorah for the Bra is a book that popped out at me on a recent trip to Borders. No, wait, the always supportive Super DH actually handed it to me.

Once I figured out how to get that damn closure unhooked I got an eyeful of pop-up goodness on the topic of bras. Yes, it's a pop-up book!

This fun book by Cheree Berry provides a light overview of bra history complete with a decade-by-decade glimpse of bras of the 20th century. It starts out with a high-minded comment: "The brassierre's development...illustrates how women have challenged their bras
to become a symbol of womanhood," but does not read like a textbook for a womyn's study class; mostly it's just fun and informative.

This is the breast, I mean best, bra book ever. It'd make a great gift for a girlfriend whose spirits (or boobs) need a lift.

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