Monday, December 11, 2006

I'm all lost in a supermarket

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Early Sunday morning while you were still sleeping I was at the grocery store trying to beat the crowds. The early bird gets the worm and the early Moldofsky gets a carton of uncracked eggs produced by cage-free hens on vegetarian diets.

Apparently we are not the only Skokians who favor organic and natural products; the local Jewel recently added aisles of such products. Except they didn't expand the store. In order to fit all this supposedly healthy ("big organic" Michael Pollan calls it) stuff in they had to completely rearrange the shelves.

Dazed and Confused

It was completely disorienting to head down the kosher food/bread/olives and jelly aisle only find organic this and whole grain that.

The cereal aisle is now filled with natural juices and the cracker aisle now houses baking supplies. Or something like that.

The other early-morning shoppers and I commented sympathetically to each other.

"I planned to make a quick trip to the store, but it's taking me forever. I can't find anything."

"Did you say you were looking for juice? I just saw it in aisle 4."

Eventually I managed to get most everything on my list- except for tomato puree. I realized this when I was in the checkout line, but I couldn't just run quick for it like I might have only a week ago. Okay, so the minestrone soup was a little thin, my kids were none the wiser.

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Chris Lehmann said...

I just appreciate the Clash reference, although I now have that song stuck in my head...

"I no longer can shop happily..."