Tuesday, December 05, 2006

New essay in Chicago Parent

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I have an essay about our experience with Mr. Smartypants in first grade (at public school) in this month's Chicago Parent magazine. You can read it here. The print edition was heavily edited due to space constraints, so I encourage everyone to check out the online version.

You will notice that in the accompanying photo both boys are holding books from their favorite series- Secrets of Droon for Smartypants and Magic Tree House for Splinter. Smartypants is the king of product placement. He told me he wanted to make sure the book was highlighted so he could proudly send a copy of it to Tony A, author of the Droon books.

During the fall of his first grade year Smartypants read through the entire Droon series, roughly 23 books at the time, in about six weeks. "Isn't this a little unusual?" I asked the school. "How nice that your son loves to read," they responded. The more I attempted to explain (and understand) his obsessive reading habits, the more they saw me as an obsessive mom.

Whatever. Smartypants is happy at his private school for gifted kids. He enjoys school, has friends(!) and learns at his level. In case you're feeling generous, let me remind you that he's got a campaign going to help build a new campus for said school.

When he was in first grade, Smartypants wrote a fan letter to Droon author, Tony Abbott, and over the course of a year, they exchanged about seven letters. Smartypants' face absolutely lit up every time a letter arrived. Tony truly provided a bright spot during an otherwise dim year.

So go read the essay, already. And then buy some Tony Abbott books.


Sharon said...

Wow, I can't believe how similar your son's story is to my son's who is now 9. We are also struggling with providing him the right level of challenge at school... He is always thinking big thoughts, very interested in Algebra and also can't sit still...

Beth C. said...

No similarities to my kids...but always love reading your writing Kim! Keep em coming!
-Beth...who abandoned the book club for more eastern pastures...