Thursday, January 11, 2007

And you thought the Mall of America was over the top

I'm reading: And you thought the Mall of America was over the topTweet this!

Check out the Mall of the Emirates (as in, United Arab)--it has an indoor ski hill! has an interesting and amusing take on Dubai, complete with photos of said ski hill here.

I recently had a fun mini-reunion with some high school classmates, one of whom was visiting from Dubai. She amused us with tales of expat life, stories about her work with CNN, and the hassles of traveling overseas with kids in tow.

Sure, she has two boys like me and works part-time and faces the universal work-life dilemmas and mothering issues that we all do, but still, I mean, she lives in Dubai! Things just don't get all that exciting here in Skokie (I hear DH's voice in my head, "but we like it that way, remember?") I should note that the local paper published my letter to the editor today! Wa-hoo!

Must mention that my Dubai-living friend looked fabulous. I understand why she's at CNN and I'm blogging, pajama-clad, from a dark corner of my basement. *sigh*

DH made up this related and very catchy tongue-twister:
When in Dubai, do buy a bidet.
Try it ten times fast!

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