Monday, February 05, 2007

Fun in a Bun

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Last Saturday I envisioned a lazy afternoon, hanging out with DH and the boys in our cozy home, enjoying some hot cocoa and a fresh batch of library books, but as the day wore on it was apparent that we had two energetic boys with a strong case of cabin fever.

So we grabbed our jackets and mittens and headed downtown to recently-renovated Chicago History Museum. We got there about an hour before closing, but the boys never seen to tolerate much more than that, anyway.

We give the museum a thumbs-up, four of them actually! It has a fun new kids area in which even vegetarians can experience a Chicago red hot with all the fixin's.

Speaking of hots it's reported that the mercury is headed up tomorrow! We're expecting temperatures of 13 degrees (in comparison to today's 10 below). It's enough to make us forget about that big football game the other day.

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