Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Home movies

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To celebrate the opening of birthday season, in which there is a minimum of one family member's birthday per month for the next several months, we've been watching some old videos from when the boys were innocent little babes and tots.

It's funny hear my excited exclamations and praise as baby Smartypants (back then, just Poopypants) knocks over his stacking cups. When their abilities are so limited, little things mean a lot.

I didn't realize that Splinter was talking in almost full sentences and telling knock-knock jokes (albeit really bad ones) well before he was two. Of course, I didn't realize this because I spent most of my time running after little Smartypants. I don't think there's one shot of him just sitting and talking. He was always on the go: running, jumping, spinning, bouncing. No wonder those early years were so exhausting!

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