Sunday, May 13, 2007

Cool Mother's Day Gifts

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This morning DH and the kids made me a lovely breakfast in bed. I ate a leisurely meal while listening to my new Fountains of Wayne CD (yeah!). Breakfast was followed up by a round of Splinter's new card game, Moose in the House, while Norah Jones crooned her latest tunes in the background.

What, you thought I'd be jamming to the new Tori Amos CD and her MILF song? When I first heard it, I thought I must have missed soemthing or that there must be another definition for MILF. But no, she's singing about her hot mama self.

Well, my mama self has got her some hot new blogging digs! I'm flattered to be part of the talented crew of writers at the new Chicago Moms Blog, sister site to the Silicon Valley Moms Blog. Stop by and leave a comment. Except for you, DH, because I know your comment will be something like: how do you have time for this? Or, are you telling me you want to quit working so you can blog more? For the near future many of my posts here at HCD will either be cross-posts or I'll ask you to click over to see my new posts. C'mon, just click!