Tuesday, June 19, 2007

MotherTalk Blog Book Tour: Garage Sale America

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Garage Sale America
By Bruce Littlefield

I'm delighted to be a part of another MotherTalk Blog Book Tour.

It's the perfect time of year for Bruce Littlefield's Garage Sale America. I'm just warming up for the sale season. I'm not a collector, but I love the idea of finding that diamond in the rough, like a pair of old salt and pepper shakers for my mom, or, when the stars align, getting a great deal on something we need like a music stand for Splinter or golf tees for Smartypants.*

My husband doesn’t understand my attraction to searching through other people’s discarded crap. But Bruce, he gets it. He not only speaks to me in this book, he elevates me. According to Bruce, I’m not merely digging through strangers’ trash, I’m an anthropological voyeuristic warrior. Digging through the soils of pop culture. Yes!

Like Bruce, himself, this book is colorful, fun, and filled with useful tidbits for both buyers and sellers. He clearly knows his stuff when it comes to collectibles and shares a few tips. He clues readers in on things like how to tell reproductions from originals, and how to determine the source material of collectible old buttons. For example, to determine if it’s made from Tortoise shell, rub it with your finger to build up heat and see if it smells like dirty water or dead fish. Hmm…maybe this is why I typically search out things like children’s books, instead.

Get more tips and keep up with Bruce’s latest adventures through his blog.

Garage Sale America goes great with Killer Stuff, Sharon Fiffer’s garage-sale themed murder mystery set right here in north suburban Chicago. I read Killer Stuff a few months ago for my book group and it provided a good context for Garage Sale America. Bakelite! Buttons and smalls! Competing for collectibles! It’s all there.
* I know, golf tees. How much could they cost at the store? But I really like the re-use/recycle aspects of garage sales, too.

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