Sunday, June 10, 2007

Swimsuit season is here!

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This past Spring I related the story of The Sisterhood of the Traveling Swimsuit. I also wrote how the brand-new suit found a permanent home with Meagan of Chicago Moms Blog and Equilibrium. For a while there it looked like I traded the swimsuit for my birthday suit until a sharp-eyed Lands’ End online PR hack read my post and decided to give me another go at a Lands' End suit.

Something to not only fit, but flatter my petite, increasingly curvy figure. If anyone can make a suit capable of camouflaging my untucked tummy, as well as boosting my bosom and my backside, it's Lands' End.

Shopping with my BFF...Me!

Gift card in hand, I dove into where, like Narcissus, I spent most of the time ogling myself. Well, not me exactly, my avatar, My Virtual Model. So fun and definitely worth a try.

You customize a model-everything from skin tone to hair color and styles. And you can play around with the weight. How would I look if I lost those 10 pounds I'm always talking about? Hey, pretty good! What if I gained 50? Whoa! What if I went blond? Or gray? My virtual model even convinced me to try a new hairstyle.

Back to bathing suits, your virtual model will try on any bathing suit (or other clothing item) without complaint. No worries about who's tried it on already, or those scratchy hygiene shields; no risk of spotting new varicose veins or cellulite in the three-way mirror--I love it!

Does size matter?

I had some questions about fit, but the website addressed many of them. I’m only 5 feet tall, and I was a bit disappointed when my options narrowed for petites. But then I learned that size, height at least, doesn't matter.

It's all about torso length when it comes to a proper swimsuit fit. The torso is the length of the body from the shoulders to the crotch and back to the starting point. According to the website, the right suit torso length means less sagging and slipping straps.

Michele Casper, Swim Fit expert and former stylist for Lands’ End, explained it to me via a personal e-mail: The key to finding a perfect fit is four measurements - bust, waist, hips and torso. There is a great video to watch on the Lands' End swim community site on how to measure for a swimsuit. The torso measurement will determine if a person needs a petite, regular or long torso. This choice has nothing to do with height. Rather, it is a measurement of the trunk of the body which is covered by a swimsuit.

For a petite torso, keep two-piece suits in mind as a great option, especially the tankini since it provides the coverage of a one-piece, but the freedom and comfort of a two-piece suit.

I've been avoiding a date with my tape measure, plus I'm having too much fun going on virtual yo-yo diets and I keep getting distracted by the fun reads over at the Lands' End Community Pool. But I promise to return soon to tell you about my new suit.

In the meantime, hurry over here to enter a contest which may net you a Lands' End credit large enough to suit up your whole family in style!

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Angie said...

This is great information! I've been wearing the same horrible suit for years - making excuses instead of enjoying the pool for too long!!

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