Tuesday, July 31, 2007

BlogHer 2007

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It's official. There is nothing more to say about BlogHer that hasn't already been said. Except this: for a (mostly) female event there was an astonishing lack of chocolate. However, what they lacked in chocolate, they made up for in free wine.

Blogher was inspiring, empowering and exhausting. I didn't realize how much fun I was having until I called home and talked to my whiny children. DH did a great job with the boys and the house was clean, clean, clean when I got home. Never mind that I sent Pikachu (formerly Splinter) to camp with a matza sandwich on Monday because we had no bread....

You can get multiple perspectives on BlogHer at http://www.chicagomomsblog.com/ and, of course, http://www.blogher.com/.

Drained as I am, I got my act together to send WhyMommy an 8-pound box of swagolicious goodies, which I hope will bring a smile to her face--as well as that of her toddler's. He will love the GIANT pen. Oh crap, I think Pikachu took it and hid it under his bed. And I just realized I left something out, too. Okay, I guess I have to get another package together.

I met so many interesting women; I'll post some linky love later this week. Or next week.


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Whymommy said...

It was awesome. Thank you!