Thursday, July 19, 2007

I must stop cutting myself

I'm reading: I must stop cutting myselfTweet this!

I know it will take a great deal of discipline to stop, but apparently it's obvious that I'm making a mess of myself, so it's got to end.

As part of my pre-BlogHer primping, I got a haircut- the kind that costs more than $20- at one of those snooty places where all the stylists dress in black and take themselves very seriously. But it was also the kind of place where someone washes your hair and massages your scalp--ah, a bit of heaven-- when I am a billionaire*, I will employ someone for this very purpose.

Anyway, the stylist chided me for the mess I've made of my bangs. I've worn bangs for about, oh, 25 years now. I've been thinking of growing them out for most of 2007. But once they start hanging over my eyes, I go nuts and grab the scissors and chop away. I have to stop this self-destructive behavior. Ugh. If I can just make it through that awkward phase when they are uncomfortably long for bangs, but too short to fit my hairstyle (yes, I said hairstyle; stop laughing at me), I'll be okay.

Oh yes, I also went shopping. Which was frustrating, until I got a shopping prompt**, and then it was a breeze. Can't wait for BlogHer!

* The boys want to buy me a "blog that makes money" for my birthday, so I think I'll be rich soon.
**just click; it's a piece of mine over at the Chicago Moms Blog

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