Thursday, July 05, 2007

Kicking Cancer's Butt

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WhyMommy, the wit and wisdom behind Toddler Planet, recently learned she has breast cancer. Now she's headed to chemo instead of BlogHer. She asked readers to post stories about cancer survivors or other people they admire and is going to be giving one lucky poster a BlogHer pass and her reservation at the W in exchange. I already got my pass (a link from Tribune columnist Eric Zorn and $200 will get your one of those) , but a night or two at the W might be nice.

Here's a note about a woman I admire:

One of my karate instructors was (past tense only because I no longer train karate) a 50 year-old mother of three who beat breast cancer twice. When I took her karate classes I was always in awe of her strength and endurance. Her classes were so physically demanding, and yet, she did every move, every push-up (esp. the push-ups!) alongside the students.

During her cancer treatments, she had quite a bit of of muscle pain and problems after her surgeries and couldn't get the kind of massages she that thought would relieve her pain,. Once she healed up, she enrolled in massage therapy school. She's now the dojo manager, busy mom and runs a massage therapy practice in addition to volunteering her services at a local Cancer Wellness Center.

She kicked cancer's butt and so can you!

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WhyMommy said...

Awesome story, Kim! If you want my reservation at the W (it's NOT prepaid, just reserved), email me and let me know and we'll get it done!