Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Who knew? Aprons are totally hot!

I'm reading: Who knew? Aprons are totally hot!Tweet this!

Or should I say cool? Isn't that weird that hot and cool both connote hipness? And isn't it fun that I get to dust off my mommy brain and use a word like connote on my blog?

It's true my virtual life is more rewarding than my actual one, and here are three examples of why:

1) I won this fun new apron through the Chicago Mom's Blog, where I'm also posting much of my witty banter these days. Turns out they get a few, okay a few hundred, more visitors per day than I do. The apron comes courtesy of Hatley's, a Canadian company with a fondness for bears. They also sent us a "Blackbeary" t-shirt. So now DH and I can coordinate with Smartypants. His grandma brought him a Hatley shirt from Canada two or three years ago (that it is still around is a testament to the quality of their line). It's "Hairy Potter" shirt featuring a bear planting. He'll be a stand-out at the HP party on the 20th.

2) BlogHer contributing food editor, Kalyn Denny, recently recently linked to me in an apron round-up. It's like I'm almost famous. Apparently aprons really are hip these days. I recently bought a retro apron at a resale shop--because it matched my blog- for only $2. I just saw retro-style aprons on sale at a website for close to $40.

3) Chicago Tribune columnist Eric Zorn decided to start dishing out interesting links again and my blog, Scrambled CAKE, was among the first he provided!

So the Internets give me a taste of fame (albeit a crumb-sized one), positive feedback, gifts, and swag. Real life brings ants in my kitchen and a wet bathing suit that sat in my son's backpack for 5 days. Can you blame me?

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