Thursday, August 16, 2007

Back to School Jitters

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Although we've got three full weeks before the start of school (yes, you read that right), the back-to-school jitters have taken over our house. The boys are actually looking forward to it, and I'm looking forward to a getting back into a routine (what's that, no school on the 13th, only four days into the year?), but I'm anxious.

I stopped in at Michael's to get the boys their required three, 2 oz. bricks of Sculpey and noticed a pack of Martha Stewart Halloween-themed scrapbook stickers. Poison. Toxic. Beware. OMG, that is so me.

In fact, a nearby mom who is transferring her kids to our school from public school dropped me a note this morning, hoping to connect before school starts. She wants her children to head into the year with new friends, and maybe she wants one, too. I've walked in her shoes, I get it.

But right now I feel like one of what I believe the staff would refer to as a "toxic playground mom." I don't want to be toxic, but I do have some serious concerns about the coming school year. I will do my best to watch my words around the new mom (unless, heaven forbid she's reading my blog).

Maybe I've been talking to too many wizened parent who share my school concerns. I will give new mom a call. I'll bite my tongue and maybe her enthusiasm about our school will rub off on me. There are some wonderfully unique things about it. Plus there's the new building that is sapping everyone's energy, I mean, will be really great.*

Oh, that reminds me, have you seen this article, Failing Our Geniuses in the current issue of Time? I'm working on a big back-to-school with food allergies piece for Scrambled CAKE, but I hope to offer some commentary o the Time piece next month.

*Damn you Blogger, why don't you have a scratch out feature? it's so much wittier.

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