Thursday, August 16, 2007

Fingerpainting our way to the ER

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I've long said that my boys turn even the tamest art project into performance art; tonight was no exception.

DH headed to his guitar class after dinner and by the time the boys and I got organized it was too late to go to the park. I dragged out some large (2 x 3) sheets of glossy paper I found while cleaning the basement and some almost forgotten fingerpaints. We headed outside, enoying the cool evening while painting. It was relaxing and fun.

But when I ran into the house to get some washcloths, it got a little crazy. The boys switched from fingerpainting to foot painting during my brief absence. And then Pikachu (formerly Splinter) took it a bit further, slathering his paper with gooey paint and turning his artwork into a slip and slide.

He slipped and he slid. He had a couple of near misses, but thankfully did not fall. Can you imagine going into the ER and telling them your son fractured his skull while fingerpainting?

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