Saturday, September 29, 2007

Barefoot Book reviews

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The morning after I told DH I was done with time-consuming product reviews I received an offer from Rebecca at Barefoot Books. Books. Books! How can I turn down free books? (Or, apparently, cell phones.)

I had great fun perusing the Barefoot Books website. Their commitment to celebrating art and story is obvious- colorful illustrations, books with CDs to further engage the senses, high quality Folkmanis puppets to re-enact the stories. My only problem was what to choose.

Smartypants has been working hard to raise money to sponsor the Spanish classroom in his school's new building (and he's shockingly close to his $25,000 goal!), so I chose two early reader Spanish books that I thought the Spanish teacher would like. I was wrong she loved them!

Of course, we peeked at them first. Little Pikachu did a fine job reading the story about the fat pig, Cerdota Grandota, aloud, but felt this book was really for Spanish experts because he didn't understand it all-he's just starting to learn the language. Senora loved the book's clever rhymes and looks forward to sharing it with her students.

She was just as enthusiastic about Cha-cha-cha en la selva. That book came with a CD that inspired Pikachu to cha-cha around the room. Or was he doing a samba? Who knows?

Both Cerdota Grandota and Cha-cha-cha en la selva are also available in English.

I plan to donate the third book Rebecca graciously offered, The Genius of Leonardo, to the school's library once we've had a better look at it. This picture book about Leonardo Da Vinci (as opposed to Leonardo the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle) has some depth to it and I want to read it with boys boys before we pass it on.

Now that the toy store's shelves have been wiped clean due to recalls, why not make books the gift of choice this season?

For for more info contact Rebecca through the Barefoot Books site or check out her blog.

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