Monday, September 10, 2007

Finally Back in School!

I'm reading: Finally Back in School!Tweet this!

The boys finally started school today, but with a major Jewish Holiday starting Wednesday night, they'll only be in school three days this week. I still have lots to do and not much time, so click over to Scrambled CAKE and the Chicago Moms Blog to see what I've been writing.

Last week on the Chicago Moms Blog I issued an invitation to Senator Obama and his wife to come speak with the CMB contributors. She has already and officially turned me/us down, but that made some blogging mamas pretty angry. We've got some audacious hope for a positive response from the Senator.

The following blogs restate or reference my invite:

The Soccer Mom Vote

There's also this update. And of course, these posts at DC Metro Moms Blog and the Silicon Valley Moms Blog, sister sites to CMB. It's not quite viral, but I'm starting to lose track of the posts.

Before I hit the sack, I want to share this photo of 7 year-old Pikachu's Sculpey Pokemon in honor of my blog-friend Vero and her crafty kids blog, Little Elephants.

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