Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My special little guy kicked out of school?!?

I'm reading: My special little guy kicked out of school?!?Tweet this!

It's true!

Sort of.

At the end of a miserable week, we found out last Friday that Smartypants has Mono. As in Mononucleosis. As in the kissing disease. I asked him who he's been kissing. Just you Mom. And Dad.

Last week was horrible. Fever, headaches, chills, swollen lymph glands in his neck, and inflamed tonsils-so huge I don't know how he could swallow. I was miserable. I mean he was. Too.

The pediatrician said Smartypants was among the worse cases of mono he'd seen all year. Except that the term he used was "impressive symptoms." And Jewish mamaleh I am, I couldn't help but kvell when the word impressive was used to describe my firstborn. I'm weird like that.

After missing a week of school we got The Call. The gentle reminder from the school secretary informing us that Smartypants will not be re-admitted to the fine Academy without permission from the doctor.

He's made a pretty remarkable recovery, but we've been warned to have him take it easy. In fact, the doctor says no PE or recess for another couple of weeks because his spleen might be enlarged (classic mono symptom) and too much activity could damage or rupture it.

Anyone who's talked to me since, oh, July, knows that I've been craving the return to the fairly predictable routine that school brings. But school didn't start until Sept. 10 and was followed immediately by the Jewish holidays and then a business trip for me. Here it is October and he's missed two weeks of school, next week he'll likely only go 1/2 days. Then in the blink of an eye it will be time for the week long Thanksgiving Break followed a few weeks later by a 2.5 week Winter Break.

I'm still putting in the 20 hours/week at an office job, plus a few more for a family business, plus another hour or two at yet another part-time job, plus freelance writing (including blogging). I've got a couple of doctor's appointments on my "free days." Then there are the school meetings, plus extra research as we ponder where to send the boys next year (Costly and logistically challenging, but generally beneficial private school? Our seemingly inadequate public school? Do we move to be "better" district? Haven't we been through this before?)

So if I spend my holidays in a locked ward, you'll understand, won't you? *sigh*

Pending Smartypants's continued recovery, I may have a big mom's night away soon. I can't jinx it by writing about it just yet.


Jen said...

Oh, poop. That stinks. I can only imagine how you feel; if I were in that boat I'd be loony. And I've had mono twice, so I really feel for your son.
Yeah, if you're moving, come on out here. Two gifted school within driving distance of my house. Pricey, but they're there. One is even for 2e kids; I guess it's the only one so far in the country.
Best to your little guy! Hope he feels better soon!

Kim Moldofsky said...

We're all doing better. Thanks, for your kinds thoughts. If I was going to move anywhere, I'd seriously consider hauling out to Reno, NV to get my kids into the (free!) Davidson Academy