Tuesday, October 09, 2007

The Ultimate PMS Survival Kit Giveaway

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Say goodbye to your PMS blues, ladies because I'm about to make your month!

I'm giving away a great package featuring chocolate! Not just any chocolate, but the ultimate chocolate from Pretty Mean Snacks (PMS, get it?). I didn’t get to try these at the Candy Expo, but I did get to ogle them. These gourmet chocolates are so pretty, they are suitable for framing.
The giveaway also includes a cute chocolate from Custom Candy Concepts, maker of customized chocolates, cookies, and lollipops.

And a brand new chocolate product from Werther's, so hot off the drawing board it's not even in the stores yet.

And speaking of hot, does this whole global warming thing get you down, especially when your hormones are wreaking havoc with you? No worries!

The ultimate PMS giveaway also includes a canvas shopping bag courtesy of Pure Fun organic candies and, of course, many samples of their goods.

The survival kit also contains loads of other cool and exciting samples from the Candy Expo. Throw a handful at your kids and they're sure to stop whining for a few minutes!

And because I know that premenstrual bloating is bothering you, I'm tossing in a pack of Nutra-Trim weight management gum. (Also from the Candy Expo...wait, why am I giving that away?!)

While your kids are chomping on all the candy, lock yourself away and soothe your PMS blues with a 4 CD set from MOMbo. You will enjoy Minnesotan Nanci Olesen’s voice- it’s every bit as calming as Garrison Keillor’s. Listen to Nanci and a host of other mothers and experts discuss stages of motherhood and some of the challenges we all face. I loved the school piece- and totally related. It was a driveway moment for me.

Having a hard time keeping track of your menstrual cycle? Can’t remember when your last period was? This month start the Days Ago timer at the beginning of your cycle. Helpful for tracking both fertility and menopause. Take your pick!

The package also includes a large canvas shopping bag recipe cards and some other goodies courtesy of the Dairy Council (from this event not the candy show, but still good stuff). And a
Pottery Barn gift card with 47 cents on it because They would not issue change for my gift card purchase. Seriously Pottery Barn people, WTF?

Leave a comment below to enter. (Yeah, sure mention it on your blog, too. I'm totally up for some linky love, but it's not a requirement.)

Contest starts now and ends Saturday October 13 at 9 PM CST. I'll announce the winner next week. Good luck!


Lesha said...

I definitely need that! ~lol~ Here's my linky love.

Glennia said...

I think my husband would say I definitely need this. What does he know anyway? Humph. *kidding*

Anonymous said...

This would come in very handy. I'm entering menopause at lightning speed and it's such a freaky thing to try to manage.

I'll link on my blog too.

Nanci Olesen

Veronica said...


Veronica said...


adrienne said...

Wow- what a great use for the Days Ago timer. I have one and I couldn't find it's killer application. You're brilliant!

Catherine said...

What a fantastic idea! I'm in. :)

Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

I want to win!

ikkinlala said...

Count me in, please, if this is open to Canadians.

brooke said...

oh, that all sounds so good! Especially the chocolate!!!

Jean said...

This exactly what I need! I do believe chocolate cures everything that ails ya.

Christine said...

I have given up refined sugars, but would totally fall off the wagon for THIS!!

nor_lou said...

I could use that right now!!
I am not a blogger but I will email my friends

Dawn said...

Another Canadian here that definitely could use this if we are allowed to play.

lace said...

Your idea for the Days Ago Timer is brilliant. I saw no need for one except for the odd jar of spagetti sauce that gets shoved to the back of the fridge. Now I think I might go buy one.

All of that chocolate and other goodies sounds wonderful. Count me in.

holli jo said...

I need this so bad! My husband would agree. :)

Bebemiqui said...

stinkin Pottery Barn, count me in!