Thursday, November 01, 2007

I'm going to Graceland!

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Never mind that I still confuse the terms make (as in Chevy) and model (Malibu) and my knowledge of all things automotive doesn't go beyond taking my car to the nearby Car-X (though I do enjoy Car Talk on NPR), I've been invited to Memphis to check out the retooled Chevy Malibu.

I'm part of their "new media" ad campaign. So tomorrow I'm headed to Memphis along with these fab mamas for the Ultimate Moms Night Out. GM promises wine and dine us. We'll meet with Chevy engineers and the Malibu marketing team. And we'll all have a chance to give the new Malibu a workout. It could be most fun I've had since the Test Track ride at Epcot. (Note to self: remember to bring driver's license.)

Apparently Chevy's director of marketing thinks women want affordability, safety and fuel economy in their cars. Actually, that's true for me. I also want enough room for sports/school gear. And a built in mini-hand vac to make it easy for me to clean all those little bits that make my backseat look like the crumb tray from a toaster oven.

I'd like my next car to be a fuel-efficient hybrid, so when I did my due diligence at the Malibu site, I was pleased to see they have a hybrid model with a base price of under $23K. Who knew?

We have a whirlwind junket, so the closest I'll get to Graceland is this virtual tour. At least I managed a photo op with the mom and pop Elvises (Elvii?) at yesterday's Halloween party.
And below is a snap of Smartypants as Calvin with his little Hobbes. Note my clever use of electric tape!

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Devra said...

And make sure to look both ways so you don't cross in front of Elvis if he is behind the wheel. You KNOW he is NOT dead. Right?