Wednesday, November 14, 2007

So much to post, so little time

I'm reading: So much to post, so little timeTweet this!

I still have to write about my fabulous Chevy Malibu test drive down in Memphis as well as the amazing, fully-loaded brand-new 2008 Dodge Caravan (yes, with the swivel seats) that I was driving about town in this past week. Not to mention the fact that I just started my newest (and paid!) blogging gig at's Momformation Blog and one of my Momformation posts was hacked--in the best possible way!

And I recently won one of these cool, little HP photobooks from this wonderful mama, but HP surprised me by sending a photoprinter along with it. That's just so you'll start buying their special papers and inks, DH says. It's true, but I don't mind. We haven't printed more than two dozen photos since we went digital a few years back. I miss photo albums; staring at a video slide show just ain't the same.
Edited to add: you can try one of these book at a 20% discount by licking here. Make that clicking here.

Just to keep things in check I will make it clear that the Universe is pissing on me just a little, too. Smartypants finally returned to school full-time after two weeks home sick followed by two weeks of only attending half days. And tonight 7 year-old Pikachu came down with a fever over 100+, so he'll be home with me tomorrow. Please, don't let it be Mono!


Jen said...

Good grief, another sick kiddo? Please not mono exactly!

Kim Moldofsky said...

Thankfully it was just a quick bug!