Sunday, January 13, 2008

No wonder DH and I never go out

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I just popped over to SitterCity and used their rate calculator to figure out the average costt of a 17-21 year old babysitter for my 7 and 9 year old boys--nearly $13.00 an hour! Yikes! No wonder we don't have many date nights.

We have a big screen TV and DH prefers to simply buy the movies we want to see and watch at home. We can watch it over any period of time that suits us, (handy as I tend to fall asleep after about an hour on any sort of TV), take bathroom breaks as needed (something that apparently becomes more important as one ages), and it's less expensive than a date (helps us save up for the child-free(!) trip we're taking in March...or private school tuition, depending upon how you look at it.)

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Robin said...

We almost never use sitters too. Instead, on Saturday nights we'll watch a Netflex movie and cook a dinner (not necessarily anything fancy, just something really yummy and something that Evan doesn't like to eat) and open a bottle of wine. Oh - and we don't start cooking until Evan is in bed too. For us, it works - no worrying about driving after drinking, driving a sitter home, in comfort of own home, etc