Thursday, January 31, 2008

Snow Day? Who cares?

I'm reading: Snow Day? Who cares?Tweet this!

I do, actually. Tomorrow, I've got appointments at the dentist and a doctor, as well as a little get-together with the brains behind Spatulatta, so a snow day would really screw me. Also, Chicago Moms Blog and our sister sites issued another call to the presidential candidates, and as a result, tomorrow afternoon I'll be on the phone to a rep from HRC's campaign. I'll be listening, not talking, but still, it would be nice not to have screaming boys in the background.

On the plus side of a snow day, I just received warm, fuzzy new slippers from my friends at Graco. Everyone at the Graco-sponsored Sweetpeace holiday party for the Chicago Moms Bloggers received a fluffy white pair of slippers. Mine were exceedlingly large, so I gave them to DH. I mentioned this in an off-handed comment on Chicago Moms Blog. And, lo and behold, one of Graco's little angels promised to send me a pair...if I posted a pic of DH in the slippers.

Urgh. I took the picture, I know I dowloaded it and I cannot find it on my hard drive. I promise one soon.

And look, my friend Catherine from Chicago Moms Blog is featured in a Daily Herald article.

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Lindsay Lebresco said...

Uh-oh Kim. Angel or not- I'm going to need those slippers back without that picture! Just kidding- so glad you got them. I'm sure you and DH just look adorable going out to get your paper in matching slippers :) Can't wait to hear about HRC and a potential meeting!