Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Tech talk

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Maybe it's that my subscription to WIRED magazine finally kicked in (one of those exchanges for soon-to-expire airline miles) or because I've added Techmamas to my blogroll, but I'm getting in touch with my geeky side. Stop snickering. Is my geeky side always that obvious? *sigh*

Anyhoo, the boys and I, but mostly the boys, recently tested out a set of kid-friendly AIRDRIVE earphones. They hang over the ear and can be comfortably flexed into place. Seven-year-old Pikachu tried them out using my iPod (an obsolete Shuffle stick) grooving around the house, occasionally stopping to ask questions like, "Mom, why do you have Ralph Covert on your iPod?" Oh dear, my geek is showing again.

Once we did, or rather attempted, a comparison test with my iPod ear buds, the AIRDRIVEs were the clear winners. He couldn't get my buds to stay in his ears.
In other kidtech news, LeapFrog, a company whose books, toys, or videos are no doubt in your child's playroom, announced a cool new piece of technology that will be on sale this summer. The Tag reader (pictured) takes all the great features of LeapPad learning systems and condenses them into a tiny pen-like device. No more bulky units! No more lost cartridges! Read the details here.

It's interesting to see that popular tech blogs like Gizmodo and Crave have snarky headlines about this product and how it will be a hit with absentee or lazy parents, which is why I look to mombloggers, rather than childless men, for reviews. Harumph.
Note: edited 1/31 to paste in the photo of Smartypants wearing the AIRDRIVES.

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