Saturday, January 19, 2008

What not to say, auto edition

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"Aunt Kim, it's good that at least you're tall enough to see over the steering wheel so that you can drive."

I have often wondered why it is that children who tower over my petite five-foot frame are often prohibited from sitting in front passenger seats of cars because of airbag safety concerns, but I'm not?

Hmmm. I just got invited to the media preview of the Chicago Auto Show, so I'll have to ask around while I'm there.

I'd love to be able to drive four children around in my old Subaru or stick a crabby member of our carpool up front with me to allow a little breathing room in the back seat.


Devra said...

OMG you tower over me. I am 4' 103/4" tall!

My son asks why he can't sit in the front as he is taller than me..and you! ; )

We can tag team the auto people when we are at the show next month.

Kim Moldofsky said...

I'm gonna stand next to you every chance I get!