Thursday, January 31, 2008

What's short, green, Jewish and has lots of wheels?

I'm reading: What's short, green, Jewish and has lots of wheels?Tweet this!

Devra and me at the Chicago Auto Show! Or possibly a Kosher picklemobile.

I'm continuing this year's apparent theme, little women.* You'll see what I mean after I post a picture of us. As for green, AlphaMom already got a sneak peek in Detroit and said that the new cars are finally getting greener engines.

We'll be joined by Daddytypes, a blog recently noted in the Chicago Tribune for the author's hipness and sense of style, which is why I went out a got a real haircut the other day.

There will be a few other bloggers there as well. I'm told we're going to hear some exciting news for families about a Chevy (GM is sponsoring my trip to the auto show). Oh, the anticipation! I'll keep you posted.

*How I wish it were the year of big paychecks, instead.

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selfmademom said...

What a hilarious title. Looks like you guys had fun!