Thursday, February 07, 2008

Chicago Auto Show round up, part I

I'm reading: Chicago Auto Show round up, part ITweet this!

I'm very tired, but I wanted to get some photos up and I'll add commentary later.

I had a fun time with the GM folks at the Chicago Auto Show. Here is the new Chevy Traverse CUV, crossover utility vehicle, which they introduced at the the show. It will be availabe toward the end of this year. My meetings with various executives were pretty interesting. Again, more later.

It was comforting to learn that the upscale hotel where I stayed last night had the kind of office accomodations I'm used to in my daily life.Earlier this evening I pretended to be one of the cool kids and went to an Auto Show party, a Smashmouth concert at the House of Blues. So, um here's me and the bass player. Don't ask. He's definitely better looking in real life than in the photo, and I like to think the same thing can be said for me.

*yawn* I'm FOFS, falling on the floor, sleeping. G'night.

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