Thursday, February 21, 2008

Maybe you don't know this about me

I'm reading: Maybe you don't know this about meTweet this!

Did you know I post over at's Momformation blog five times a week? That's why I'm showing up here less often.

I know many people wind up at Hormone-colored Days after Googling terms like "quirky gifted kids" or "gifted, but socially awkward" and I don't want to leave anyone in a lurch. So head on over and check out the Gifted category at Momformation. I try to write at least one gifted-themed post each week and some of the other authors contribute to the category, as well. Go ahead and click!

People wind up here as a result of all sorts of interesting search terms, many of which I don't want to repeat because they make my skin crawl. But I noticed that someone Googled her way here yesterday after searching, "I'm hormonal and want to kill my husband." Hadn't seen that one before. I hope she's doing better today.

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