Sunday, April 06, 2008

Alltop: All the best blogs (including mine???)

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This new badge for Guy Kawasaki's latest venture, Alltop, sums it up for me. I'm so happy to be included with the cool kids, though admittedly feeling like I'm only in because my mom pulled a few strings for me. However, given that my mom barely knows how to check her e-mail, I think I made it in here on my own.
Alltop Moms is great for people who lack the time, technical know-how, or inclination to create their own blogroll in BlogLines (people like me) or their My Yahoo! homepage (a feat I did master, BTW). Alltop makes it easy to follow all the top mom blogs with a single click.
And if mom blogs aren't your thang, Guy's got you've covered because Alltop also has listings for Dad blogs, political blogs, you name it. Check it out.

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kristina said...

Hi Kim,

Love this blog!