Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Crotch Queen is sending me a care package!

I'm reading: The Crotch Queen is sending me a care package!Tweet this!

That does sound odd, doesn't it?

It's weird how I can be so blase about getting something like a free, brand-new Nintendo DS Lite at Camp Baby (yes!), and yet I beg the J&J folks to receive a $5 sample of the spritzy KY product.

I'm planning to auction off the DS to benefit my boys' school (and annoy them). Each boy already has a DS, but they cannot believe I'm willing to part with mine. How will I get to play Brain Age? Anyway, if you want to bid, contact me ASAP, otherwise, I'm just contacting my friends about it.

The spritzy stuff is all mine, though. Well, there is going to be some sharing involved, but that's between me and DH, who is either blushing, fuming, or rolling his eyes as he reads this.

(Check out their website. They've got it going on. This is not your parent's KY. Of course your parents never needed the stuff because they only did it to conceive you and your siblings, right? Which reminds me, did you read that post about DH's grandma's lingerie?)

Edited to add: Wait, you can get swag too! Click here to request your free sample of their premium line.


pinks & blues girls said...

I think that seeing the KY box in my swag bag was the most exciting part of my Camp Baby re-cap for my hubby. Who knew?

Jane, Pinks & Blues

kristina said...


Was the Crotch Queen at Camp Baby? How'd I miss that?


Kim Moldofsky said...

She was at the product expo wtih the KY products. We got to chatting and I asked her where the Spritzy stuff was. I was sure we were going to get samples of it at the "girl talk." Who knew we'd be discussing incontinence and vaginal hammocks?

kristina said...

I'm still not quite sure what a vaginal hammock is. I was too busy wondering if I was doing my Kegels correctly.

I was hoping for some spritz too. I'm bummed I let go an opportunity to talk with the Crotch Lady.

Kim Moldofsky said...

I think I'm the only one who appreciated the Girl Talk--and no I don't pee in my pants all the time.

Click on the link in my post to get yer own sample! Or I can put your in touch with the CQ. Or I can send you a bottle. I must have been putting the a vibe of someone who gets it on a lot. Must be pheromones for something. She sent m-a-n-y bottles.

kristna said...

hi ... can you please put me in touch with cq? i have a story idea ...