Monday, April 14, 2008

Mommy, what's prolapse?

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If you attended or have read about Johnson and Johnson's Camp Baby, you know what I'm talking about.

Today, I received my box-o-swag from the event.

I tucked away the KY products first thing, so as not to replicate last night's incident when Smartypants tripped over a box that was under my desk, spilling out my goodies from the Crotch Queen. He was compelled to examine each package v-e-r-y carefully before placing it back in the Fed Ex box from whence it came.

I revelled in my bounty of Neutrogena goods (hooray, but could you reduce the packaging waste, please?) and baby lotion and wash for the shower I'm attending next weekend. (Is it tacky to include the Tucks wipes in a baby shower gift? I mean, she's probably gonna need them.)

I love the stylish, reusable nylon shopping bag whose brand name I'll edit in later, and I geek out over stuff like Neosporin-to-go.

Splenda samples will go to mom and dad's house.

I'll tease my boys by leaving my Nintendo DS in the box.

All that unpacking made me tired, so I stopped midway through as I am wont to do. All the good stuff was gone. Only a few bandages (real Band-Aids!) and my notebook with graphic illustrations from the Girl Talk lecture, and my special light-up "down there" mirror were left in the box. I figured I'd get to it after later.

And then, just before bedtime Smartypants asked, "What's prolapse?"

Dear God.


kristina said...

"Mommy, what's prolapse?" That's hilarious.

Kim Moldofsky said...

If I was on my game, I might have replied, "Honey, imagine this room is mommy's vagina. Now think about what would happen if the ceiling collapsed."

That woulda scared him off of dating a few more years.

Oh, I might have just found the missing link that prevents abstinence-based sex ed. programs from being successful.

Note to readers: if you were at Camp Baby, you'd understand.