Monday, April 21, 2008

An ode to Guy Kawasaki

I'm reading: An ode to Guy KawasakiTweet this!

Admittedly it's an acrostic, not a lofty ode, nothing close to a sonnet, but, like Guy himself, it's an original. That counts for something, doesn't it?

G oogle him and you'll get over 800,000 results because he

U nderstands the Internets

Y ou and I might get to party with him at BlogHer

K nows

A ll the best blogs about

W ork, moms, dads

A nd

S o many interesting topics

A nd he's so

K nows about lots of other stuff

I hope he reads this

Find fun links to help you get your Suess on during National Poetry Month at MOMformation.

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