Thursday, April 17, 2008

Sending my gifted kids to public school

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Well, I only sent the boys for the morning to check out a local public school. They came back unscathed. Smartypants even had a smile on his face and asked to go back! That's one less obstacle if we do switch from the private school for gifted kids to public school.

On the downside, after a watching Smartypants rack up a "high score" at, his classmates in the gifted language arts section he attended called him a genius. Ugh.

And on a completely unrelated note, we just received a new Kajeet phone with GPS capabilities. It's fresh out of the box, but looks so sleek and cool. Way hipper than my clunky Sanyo Sprint phone, which is currently held together with duct tape. Sad but true. Maybe I'll post a photo. In all fairness I will note that I experience a lot of dropped calls in the sense that I often drop my phone or it falls out of my pocket or some nonsense. At least I've kept this one out of icy puddles.

I'm off to the website to learn about the Kajeet's GPS features. Join me, will you?

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