Thursday, April 10, 2008

Why DH should have his own blog

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The Crotch Queen is incredibly efficient. I received a lovely package from her today and couldn't wait to show it to DH.

"Look!" I showed him a spritzy (they call it mistable) bottle of Sensual Mist. Sensual Spritz sounds okay to me, maybe a little less classy and more Bubbe-like than mist, but I wasn't invited to that particular focus group.

Then I reached into the Fed Ex box and pulled out another and another and another and so on. The box was a veritable clown car of personal lubricant.

Then my witty husband looks at my booty and says with a smile,

"Let's make a giant slip-n-slide in the backyard."


Read what Busy Mom said about this product a while back.

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