Saturday, May 03, 2008

I got me some ParentPower

I'm reading: I got me some ParentPowerTweet this!

Susan Getgood is talking about it, The OTHER Mother is talking about it.... In fact, when I saw TOM's badge for the ParentPower Index, I clicked over just to see if I was anywhere on the list.

You know, like number 199 on their list of the 200 top parent bloggers. Turns out Hormone-colored Days ranks a 71, which, admittedly, is not quite the same as 71st, but still quite respectable.

Great, now I have yet another way to obsess over my little blog.

I just added my customized ParentPower badge to the sidebar, and in a misguided attempt to resize it, changed it to display someone else's blogrank. So, if you stop by and see I'm number one, you'll know just how I got there ;-)


Mama P said...

That's awesome! You are so inspiring me to take my blog more seriously. I don't even have a blog roll. THIS week I'm doing it. Yes, THIS week. Congrats!

Tech Savvy Mama said...

Ok, you sparked my curiosity so of course now I have to check it out too.

kristina said...

Congrats, Kim! I love your blog. OK, I need to start a personal one ASAP.

Amy said...

Great job!! You should be really proud!