Friday, May 09, 2008

Just in time for the new mattress

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A present from the Crotch Queen! I just received Yours+Mine, a new addition to the KY line brand designed for couples. Erm, make that heterosexual couples if one is a stickler for following directions.

Yours+Mine comes in a box that designed to open like a book, which of course, I didn't figure it out until I tore it into shreds.

The idea is a partner A applies one lubricant (Yours) and Partner B applies the other (Mine) and together they combine to create a new, unexpected and very satisfying experience. At least according to what I read on the box.

Two images come to mind: the old you, got your chocolate in my peanut butter commercials and the wild, explosive combo of pop (soda, as some of you call it) and fizzy pop rocks. Hmmmm.

I tried it out...on the back of my hand. No blistering or odd, skin reactions. That's a good sign, but I think it needs a more active trial. Which can also put our new mattress cover ("guaranteed to prevent bodily fluids from staining the mattress") to the test. Okay, I'm grossing myself out. How are you doing?

I dare say all product results from this point on will be unbloggable. I may hold a related giveaway, but if not, look for Yours+Mine in a store near you starting next week.


mamarati said...

I wonder if they are going to market a girl / girl or boy / boy version. Haha.

Have fun!!

Chief Family Officer said...

Ha! I've seen the commercials for this and am just having trouble accepting the premise ... but I hope you have fun!

Kim Moldofsky said...

Don't know, Mamarati. I'm thinking not. But I'm wondering what happens if we get mixed up in the dark and I apply "his" and he applies the "hers." Will I grow chest hair? Will he grow breasts? I wonder how they decided who gets which one. What interesting test market studies they must have!

CFO- I don't watch TV, so I'll have to look on their website.

DH suggested that perhaps a more appropriate analogy would be Mentos meets Diet Coke. He's too funny.

That said, we haven't tried it yet....

Classy Mommy said...

Fun review.Brave to tackle it - even prior to the unbloggable personal review that is sure to come. I've really been enjoying your website since Camp Baby. Keep up the good work.