Wednesday, June 25, 2008

I need an extra suitcase

I'm reading: I need an extra suitcaseTweet this!

I rolled my eyes when I saw the pile of electronic gear my parents planned to bring on their latest cruise and now here I am prepping for a big family trip. I'm bringing my snazzy new laptop + related cables, cell phones + charger, iPod + charger, digital camera + cables + spare battery + battery charger because maybe I'll be taking so many photos that I run down my battery AND the spare. Am I getting carried away?

How can a person get away from away from it all if she takes it all with her?

And since typing that felt like a Sex and The City/Carrie moment, I'll add that when I mentioned to someone that my cell phone is currently held together with duct tape, she told me it's cool now because that's how Carrie's cell phone was in the movie. I love it when my geek moves turn out to be trendsetting ones as well.
My cool kids have Kajeets thanks to some nice PR folks. They super nice because my review of the new model with GPS tracking (to help you locate your kids, not to help them navigate) is about two months behind schedule. It's not like I get paid for this, people! Nor do I accept pay-for-post of review, BTW.
Back to packing. DH wonders how I can pack and blog simultaneously. Admittedly, it's challenging even with my fab laptop.

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