Friday, June 13, 2008

Scenes from the ER

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Our experience was nowhere near as dramatic as some network executives might think. Well, we had this moment when he first got admitted where I helped myself to an exam glove and as I snapped it on I turned to DH and commanded: Bend over, now! Just as resident walked into our cube. Nice.

I didn't catch any high drama, life and death moments or staff romances, but I did see a glimpse of online shopping. Oh, and if they know what blogs are, trust me, doctors love it when you tell them you're going to blog about your visit.

The achy, febrile patient
Guess who got more attention, the patient or my XO laptop (on the side table)? Yes, the staff quickly lost interest in DH (cramps? fever? whatever.)and started asking all sorts of questions about the XO Laptop and the One Laptop Per Child Initiative. Sorry, dear!

Turns out I was able to log onto the hospital's guest network, but I couldn't actually connect to any websites. That's okay, I was busy getting warm blankets for DH (they gave me unfettered access to the blanky warmer). Ahhh. warm blankets. It was heavenly until a nurse yelled at me for raising DH's temp to 103. How did she explain the fact that it was 102 hours later? We started off with such a nice nurse, but then her shift ended and we got Nurse Rachet for the rest of our stay.

ER with benefits: free snacks for friend and families!

Unfortunately, DH was not allowed to eat or drink, except for this lovely drink that would light up his innards on the CT scan. Mmmmm, barium. All the fun of a McDonald's vanilla shake without all the flavor. Who knows what the calorie count is on this stuff, but look at that awesome logo on the left. Nurse Rachet insisted he drink every last frikikin' drop- it took nearly an hour for DH to get it all down. We shaved off a few minutes when I poured an ounce or two down the sink.

Another low point from Thursday, the car accident (totally unrelated to the ER visit. No one was in the car when it got dinged.):

Finally something good, the Sendaball delivery!

As the red ball says, hopefully DH will BOUNCE back soon and I can bring him home tonight. I'm off to the hospital....


Jen said...

I don't know what's worse, dealing with health insurance or dealing with auto insurance and you got both!
I hope your husband is feeling better.

Mama P said...

I hope everything works out for you! I was supposed to leave tomorrow morn for a week long vacation, but now won't until afternoon, pending clearance from Stink's doctor about an infection in his arm due to kindergarten shots. Crap! It'll be fine. Breathe... breathe...

My point to you: I wrote a post for Good Housekeeping for this Wednesday. It includes your article on Sex for a Year, as well as a link to your personal blog. I hope you gets lots of linky love!

More soon...



Kim Moldofsky said...

Jen- you got it. DH is home now, but goodness knows he's likely to have a heart attack when he sees the hospital bill, what with this person or that one coming in to "consult" take his blood or vitals, plus all the tests they ran, etc. I heard him tell the story of what brought us to the ER at least 10 times.

Thanks Mama P- you rock. I should send you my spare box of KY Yours and Mine. My (sort of) review of which brought in about 500 hits from Google.

I hope your trip works out as planned. If not maybe you and I should ditch the families and meet up for a few days.

BTW, DH is back home and in the swing of things.