Tuesday, July 01, 2008

For the love of wireless

I'm reading: For the love of wirelessTweet this!

The Geek Squad guy is in my basement and I'm upstairs blogging...live...online. Wa-hoo! It's the dawn of a new era and perhaps no small amount of Plurking.

Plurk is the up and coming microblogging platform. It will leave Twitter in its dust. Or not.

I haven't played around with it too much, but I'm "Moldy" if you want to follow my every move. Or friend me or even *gasp* "fan" me. Take a peek at my new Plurk Widget down on the right sidebar.

"Moldy?" You ask in disbelief. Apparently my last name is too complicated for many people to spell, my first name is too common, and my blog name is too long. So Moldy it is.

You'd think someone who Plurks might be able to figure out how to install her own wireless network, but, well, I'm full of contradictions.


BlondeMomBlog (Jamie) said...

We've had wireless for a while and love it.

p.s. I still haven't Twittered or Plurked! ;)

Summer said...

Wireless is sweet! I wouldn't make it a week if mine went out. I need free range internet. :)

Kim Moldofsky said...

Jamie- good for you for staying away from that microblogging stuff! I only recently succumbed.

Summer- I'm loving it. I can even get on the next from my front stoop. I think there's a card/service that essentially allows for free-range internet but it was $50 or more a month. I stopped paying attention after I heard that.