Saturday, July 19, 2008

Love in an elevator

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I'm at the St. Francis hotel in SF taking an early morning ride up the elevator after checking out the exhibitor set up. There's a guy in the elevator with me carrying a cardboard Starbucks-type drink tray with two coffees and a fruit salad.

"Looks like you're set," I say.

"Oh, I was sent to get this."

"I wish I had service like that," I continue. "Well, I guess at home I do."

By this time we reached his floor. He gets out of the elevator and totally checks me out from head to toe. "I hire out, you know."

Is this funny? This happened about 24 hours ago and I feel like I'm missing a detail or two. Whatever. I was up until about 1:00 PST last night. Me! My roommates even called looking for me. How sweet is that?

I was with the elevator guy, of course.

No, not really. I left the very LOUD BlogHer party after getting a bite to eat, deciding that I'd rather spend the time with my laptop than shouting at increasingly drunk people in an attempt to get to know them.

When I got back to my room I called Asha of Parent Hacks fame, and Andrea of Momformation fame. Asha and I headed across the street to a sushi boat restaurant (DH did you hear that...sushi boats!) and Andrea eventually joined us. We dished about blogs, kids, life. I had a great time talking it up with them. I'd met Andrea before, so I knew we'd hit it off, and Asha is just "good people." Way more fun than the big party IYAM.

In the most spontaneous thing I've done in, oh, three years, I headed to another party with Asha after the sushi boats, drank some bad flavored water and got a Kripsy Kreme doughnut to bring home in a Chinese take-out box. The breakfast of champions.


kristina said...

Sounds fun!

Kim Moldofsky said...


I was rooming with three other women, which I thought was going to be a hassle, but it worked out really well.

Asha {Parent Hacks} said...

Good people! What a wonderful time I had with you, Kim, and with Andrea. So much more to talk about, wouldn't you say?