Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Mom Road Trip: Astronaut diapers and Mountain Dew

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Have you heard the news? My BlogHer roommates are taking the ultimate road trip!

Picture Thelma and Louise, except with four moms, one of whom is short and Jewish like me (Devra), no make that two of them (Aviva), the other looks kinda like the redhead from Sex and The City (Meagan) and Sarah...and then there's Jill, the fifth and bloggiest mom. Oops, I said four. Oh, never mind. It's nothing like Thelma and Louise anyway.

But these ladies will no doubt have an action-packed trip from Washington, DC to San Francisco, CA. Here's the first tip-off: they get to drive a cool new Chevy hybrid SUV with wireless internet access (le sigh). Even better, there will be no car seats, that is, no children in the car as they drive cross-country.

These women are bloggers, so rather than taking a "what happens in the car, stays in the car stance" they'll be blogging every wrong turn, spilled drink, hot construction worker and zany misadventure. Check 'em out at Momroadtrip.com.

I was just emailing Devra, one of the DC Metro Moms, about their timeline. A few blogfriends and I want to meet up with the Mom Trippers as they drive into the Windy City to pick up our blog sistah, Meagan.

I'm not quite clear on the timeline. My family just drove the Chicago-DC/DC-Chicago route and it was a long one. Of course we had plenty of rest stops along the way, but it seems to me Devra and Sarah want to make it here in record time. I suggested to Devra that her crew would do well to load up on astronaut diapers and Mountain Dew. (Or maybe Red Bull? I don't know from these newfangled "energy" drinks.)

As if subconsciously sensing the details of the Mom Road Trip, Asha posted this tip of the day over at Parent Hacks.

Follow along with them on the ride, and let's hope they pack their nifty new video cameras away once they get into our hotel room!


Sarah, Goon Squad Sarah said...

See you in Chicago!

Devra said...

Maybe I should ask my husband if he knows any fighter pilots who will let us borrow their "poop suit".

Kim Moldofsky said...

Wow, Devra, you're always expanding my vocabulary. That's why I like you so much :-)

Catherine said...

I'm so bummed I didn't make it in to greet everyone! And, frankly, that I'm not in the car.

But you are so right about Meagan - she totally looks liket he redhead from SITC!

MJ Tam said...

Funny how I never thought of Meagan looking like Miranda ----- BUT WOW! Now, I totally see it! Does that make Devra as Samantha the Sex Goddess?! Hehe...you should email her that!