Thursday, July 10, 2008

Mom's day off. Yeah, right.

I'm reading: Mom's day off. Yeah, right.Tweet this!

I was delighted when my MIL offered to watch my boys for the day. Little did I know this would be the day that I wound up going for yet another shot in my spine (epidural to relieve the increasing pain in my butt caused by a herniated disc. (Please let me be okay for BlogHer!)

I'm also trying to arrange a complicated flight for a business conference in Feb. I've got these vouchers to cash in and some are in DH's name and got make some related calls.

And I just heard from the body shop that my car will not be ready this afternoon as planned. Luckily, the insurance co. of the guy who hit me will cover a rental car, but that's another call and another errand I've got to make this afternoon, the afternoon I was planning on catching up on lots of work!


Jen said...

Wow, I really hope you stop by a Starbucks and treat yourself. Sometimes a few moments of zen can make up for an entire day of chaos, with or without kids!

Kim Moldofsky said...

I read your mind and stopped at Starbucks on my way home from getting the rental car.

OMG. My whoel summer is going to be one medical appt. after another (some are the kids, some are mine). I need more than a latte right now!

Sorry to everyone who got stuck with the sloppy copy of this post via my feeds. My pinky went wild and hit publish before I'd cleaned up my many typos. It just fits with the theme of the day, I guess. Off I go attempting to complete some projects.

kristina said...

Uh, sorry about the choas. Isn't that just how it is, though. You get a space of "free" time and it's all cluttered up with errands and other not-fun stuff.