Monday, July 28, 2008

Something good comes out of Twitter!

I'm reading: Something good comes out of Twitter!Tweet this!

It's only been a week and already something good is coming out of Twitter. I've joined the first-ever Tweightloss challenge.

Started by Audrey of MomGenerations, the challenge pits six teams of about 12 people each to reach weight loss goals without developing eating disorders and Internet addictions. Just kidding on those last parts. Anyway, we're already all addicted to the Web2.0 lifestyle- why else would we even be Tweeting?

My goal is to lose the 5-8 pounds that I've been talking about shedding for the last 5-8 years.

The group aspect is pretty motivating as I don't want to be the weak link on TeamStrong. Of course, none of these people actually know me IRL (In Real Life for you non-Internet addicts) so it'd be easy to lie, but how lame would that be?

I'm going to keep it real for my Tweeps (Twitter People). I even got on the treadmill today after a two-week hiatus.

I hear there will be prizes and everything, but the best prize of all will be fitting *comfortably* into a pair or two of old jeans and a welcome excuse to buy new ones.

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