Sunday, July 20, 2008

Welcome to Hormone-colored Days

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I want to welcome my new friends from BlogHer.

Hormone-colored Days is your basic mom blog. I go for honesty and wit without being offensive or snarky. Because I play nice.

In addition to typical mom stuff, I often write about the challenges of raising two highly gifted (okay, technically they are profoundly gifted--meaning they are "scary smart" but it feels obnoxious to use the PG term. How did they get so smart? Clearly I bred well.) Check out my gifted posts here and here.

These are some of my favorite posts.

I blog professionally, as in for pay, at's MOMformation blog. I also write for Chicago Moms Blog and take on freelance writing assignments. Here's a list of links to my published writing as well as media appearances (i.e. quoted in the popular press).

I Tweet, too.

And I do a bit of consulting to connect companies and PR folks with mom bloggers. I'm currently working with LeapFrog, helping them connect with bloggers to review their cool new products.

Rumor has it I cook the occasional family meal and even scrub the toilets once in a while.

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Naomi said...

followed you on twitter, i'm @superdumb

feel free to tell your leapfrog pals to check out my reviews and giveaways. i've never used their products but i am sure my kids would be thrilled to do some product testing...