Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Whose life is it, anyway?

I'm reading: Whose life is it, anyway?Tweet this!

Today I'm scheduled to talk with a reporter at MSNBC and last week I learned that a reporter from PBS New Hour would like to speak with me as well. Me? Yes, me! Hard to believe.

It's hard to believe many of the opportunities that have come my way through blogging and the friends I've made blogging.

I'm really just a tired mom blogging from her basement. A mom eager to see her kids off to the first day of camp during what is turning out to be a most (the most?) hectic summer ever. Ugh.

Speaking of blogging friends, or invisible friends as DH calls them, last Saturday I drove Meagan to the city to meet up with her partners in crime on the Mom Road Trip, Sarah and Devra. We hung out with Chicago Moms Blog friends MJ and Carrie. And I got to meet the totally impressive Jen, one of the newer CMB moms. (Not that MJ and Carrie aren't impressive, it's just that I'd met them previously.)

We were also joined by Kristen, whose link I'll have to add later when I dig out her card, and a friend of Devra's who popped into town.

We ate, drank, and dished on all things moms and blogs with a little Guy Kawasaki thrown in for good measure. Between Guy's party and the Silicon Valley Moms group events and swag bags (thanks, MJ!) and all the BlogHer happenings, I'm pretty psyched to head to San Francisco on Thursday.


Kim Moldofsky said...

I should have noted that I'm the one in the photo dressed to match this blog. It's what a person does when she has no sense of style.

kristian said...

Fun, fun, fun. What are the interviews about? Can you link so we can see? Congrats.

kristina said...

oops, my baby was crying, i spelled my first name wrong.