Wednesday, July 16, 2008

World's oldest blogger dies

I'm reading: World's oldest blogger diesTweet this!

Have you ever noticed the feature articles in the obits often highlight men- doctors, lawyers, business leaders? Occasionally you'll read about a women in one of these fields, but often the articles about women praise their volunteer or philanthropic efforts. The stuff about being a wife and mother housewife doesn't make for tantalizing reading, I guess. (Momblogs, anyone?)

So I read this obit with an odd sense of satisfaction. You rock, granny! Make that rocked, sorry. The ultimate mom blogger- a 108 year-old great-grandmother from Australia recently passed away.

Can you imagine being born around the turn of the last century and ending your life as a blogger, communicating routinely with friends across the globe?

I'm off to check out her blog and plan to make a toast in her memory at BlogHer.


Veronica said...

dang! That's one rockin' granny. I wonder if she was on Facebook too? Pissing off generations of her kids. haha! Toast to her for me too.

kristina said...

wow, thanks for sharing this. i'm in awe of the granny mom blogger.

mktlvgrebecca said...


I'm glad I was able to meet you today! I enjoyed hearing about all of your online projects! Thanks for sharing this post. I definitely plan to read more about this amazing blogger!